We all know that excellent practice initiatives happen commonly around the North West, however they often are not dispersed regionally and this tends to lead to people reinventing the wheel. Intensive Care Units within the North West via ANWICU could view this as excellent opportunity to work together and adopt quality initiatives in the areas of large scale audit, clinical guidelines and hopefully research.

This scheme will be facilitated through each unit having it’s own linkman consultant whose role would be to present the initiative to the individual ICUs and then hopefully facilitate the introduction of the adopted project. Of course individual units would be free to scrutinise projects and ultimately could decline a particular project. There remains however a lot of power in a region-wide approach to a particular problem with a region led solution. Hopefully most people will find this approach helpful and appropriate. New projects will be planned to be introduced on a 12-18 monthly basis.

Current kNOWLEDGe projects are detailed below. Please click the links to find out more. Dr Steve Bennington has developed an ICU resource for FICM training housed at St.Emlyns virtual hospital. Click the link below to access. There is also a YouTube video describing how to regiseter.

St Emlyns

ANWICU's Cooling Project | Tracheostomy Safety Project | ANWICUs Critical Incident Project


Regional VAP initiatives (Delphi study) | Cooling & Primary PCI | Capnography Learning Tool (See below)

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Note: The capnography learning tool runs in Captivate 7, with HTML 5 output (so it works on iPads etc). Some NHS internet browsers are too old for HTML 5! There is an alternative link which runs in Flash here.

We have developed a new JOURNAL CLUB resource for trainees sitting ICM exams, or anyone else who wants a quick update of some key papers. Click the link to find out more!

Due to rising interest in our website, we now have a dedicated area for presentations from meetings and other topical presentations. See kNOWLEGDe TALKS section.

Click here for explanatory letter to ANWICU members. Contact (Dr John Moore, CMFT)

kNOWLEDGe Group Linkpersons in our region:

Dr John Moore, Central Manchester
Dr Raj Nichani, Blackpool Victoria
Dr Vidya Kaspanian, The Christie
Dr Alan Ashworth, UHSM CTCCU
Dr Tom Owen, Royal Preston
Dr Baskhar Saha, Pennine
Dr Dominic Sebastian, Blackburn
Dr Rachel Markham, Lancaster
Dr Shafee Shaikh, Stockport
Dr Sumi Saha, Bolton
Dr Ross Kitson, Tameside
Dr Paul Ferris, Hope
Dr Nick Greenwood, Trafford
Dr Harry Chan, Wigan
Dr Brendan McGrath, UHSM AICU