kNOWLEDGe critical incident review project

Dr Tony Thomas has been working with the ICS, NPSA and ICNARC on a number of patient safety initiatives and has worked on many critical incident projects. This project is using the ANWICU network to make critical incident reporting more effective and intelligent and aims to provide more useful feedback from incidents. We will be able to benchmark our incident profiles against others in our region and the project is planned as a national pilot in collaboration with the ICS.

Please click on the links below for further information (Flash based presentations by Dr Thomas)

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Outline of the project

Presentation 1 - Instructions for classifying incidents

Presentation 2 - Main incident groups

Presentation 3 - Airway, Communication, Medicatins and Fluid incidents

Presentation 4 - Treatment, Behaviour, Abuse, Medical Devices, Implementation of care

Presentation 5 - Documentation & Infection control

Presentation 6 - Pressure Sores